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Parent Coaching

Do you find yourself repeating some unhealthy patterns with your children even though you swore to yourself you'd parent differently than your own parents did? 

Are there day-to-day arguments with your kids that seem to trigger decades-old traumatic memories from your own childhood (that you're not sure how to handle)?

Are you horrified by how much animosity you sometimes feel toward your little "angels"? Are you looking for a therapist who won't parent-shame you and who will listen and support you through this parenting journey without judgement?

Parenting is hard work. As a parent of three, I know firsthand what you're experiencing.  Parenting can bring out the best (and the worst) in all of us. That's why having the right support on this difficult yet rewarding journey is so valuable!  Together we'll explore issues like how to manage tantrums, how to set limits and determine appropriate consequences, how to adequately meet your children's needs without ignoring or losing touch with your own needs, how to approach difficult topics with your children, and how to co-parent with your partner (or your ex-partner) as a cohesive team.

All families are different, and every child is unique.  Join me in exploring your particular challenges while stepping into your unique strengths as a parent. 

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"There is in every child at every stage a new miracle of vigorous unfolding, which constitutes a new hope and a new responsibility for all."

Erik Erikson

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